Stay Out of Ohio, and Shun Justice Maureen O’Connor

Revenue lust leads to new depths of depraved lack of reason.

Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor casts off all sense of justice, fairness, and decency, and grants revenue-hungry police the power to visually verify speeds of vehicles so that revenue-enhancement tickets may be issued. I am sure she does not realize the irony of one tax-eater awarding a carte blanche for revenue enhancement to another group of tax-eaters.  Is this one of the states where a portion of the fines go to fund attorneys-dressed-as-judges government retirement packages?

In what has to be one of the biggest violations of common sense and burden of proof  in motoring news this year, the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that officers can “visually estimate” how fast a person is driving… and give them a ticket for it.

Thanks Ohio Supreme Court for giving cops the green light to make up speeding tickets.

Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor said “Rational triers of fact could find a police officer’s testimony regarding his unaided visual estimation of a vehicle’s speed, when supported by evidence that the officer is trained, certified by (the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy) or a similar organization, and experienced in making such estimations, sufficient to establish beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant’s speed. Independent verification of the vehicle’s speed is not necessary to support a conviction for speeding.”

From the above statement, it is obvious that Maureen O’Connor does not qualify as one of the rational triers of fact.  Obviously.

It is now up to you–in self-defense–to have a computerized system to track your speed at all times.  Because now, you must prove your innocence whenever you are in Ohio and some revenue-crazed tax-eater wants to steal more of your wages.

Very Bad Form, Maureen O’Connor.  Very bad form, indeed.  You have abandoned being a servant of the people, and have become a slave to governmental greed.

Get Hodges Out of Government Work! He might make a good dog catcher.

MARCH 31ST, 2010
Sham Email Subpoena Violates Whistleblower’s Constitutional Rights
Federal Appeals Court Should Reexamine Ruling Threatening Email Privacy
Atlanta – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and attorney Bryan Vroon asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit today to reexamine a panel ruling that violated a whistleblower’s Fourth Amendment right to privacy in his email communications.

The whistleblower, Charles Rehberg, uncovered systematic mismanagement of funds at a Georgia public hospital. He alerted local politicians and others to the issue through a series of faxes. A local prosecutor in Dougherty County, Ken Hodges, conspired with the hospital and used a sham grand jury subpoena to obtain Mr. Rehberg’s personal email communications. The prosecutor then provided that information to private investigators for the hospital and indicted Mr. Rehberg for a burglary and assault that never actually occurred. All the criminal charges against Mr. Rehberg were eventually dismissed. Hodges is currently running for Attorney General of Georgia in the Democratic primary…

Phil Hare: An hilarious display of arrogance and ignorance. Certainly a power-damaged mind.

As reported on Reason:

Off-camera: Where in the Constitution…

Rep. Hare: I don’t worry about the Constitution on this, to be honest.

Off-camera: [Laughter.] Jackpot, brother.

Rep. Hare: What I care more about — I care more about the people that are dying every day that don’t have health insurance.

Off-camera: You care more about that than the U.S. Constitution that you swore to uphold!

Rep. Hare: I believe that it says we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Now you tell me…

Off-camera: That’s the Declaration of Independence.

Rep. Hare: It doesn’t matter to me. Either one…

[Lots of childish sniping.]

Off-camera: Where in the Constitution does it give you the authority to…

Rep. Hare: I don’t know.  I don’t know.

Off-camera: That’s what I thought.

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices,…

…and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Better start trying to find honest work, Phil.  I highly recommend you get some exercise doing manual labour.  Eat less, give the money to those in need.  That’s the ticket.  And review your oath of office, which you have obviously forgotten.

Seldom have I witnessed such grossness and gross stupidity, ineptitude, and both blubbering and blubber all encased (think of a stuffed sausage) in the person of one sub-human.
He is a politician, no statesman, historian, or public servant.  He does not even know the founding documents of this nation.
Do not return this arrogant, power-damaged sub-human to any office: send him to the corner, put him on bread and water, and give him the anti-federalist papers and Bill of Rights to read.  If he can read, that is.
Very Bad Form, Phil.  Extremely, horribly bad form.

Chris Mesley is arrogant, overfed, and needs to be unemployed.

From William Grigg:

A brave resident of Albany who identified himself as “Justin” pointed out in an admirably confrontational speech to that city’s Common Council that the city’s median annual household income in 2009 was about $33,000. In the same year, Mesley — who was hired as a patrol officer in 1992 — received a base salary of $70,289, while also scarfing down at least another $30,000 for serving as union president.
“Chris Mesley is making three times or more the median salary and is complaining that he might not get a raise,” Justin observed. “The sense of entitlement of Chris Mesley and all those who think alike has led to the pilfering of state and city coffers. They are like leeches, sucking the taxpayers dry, and that’s an insult to leeches. At least leeches know when to let go.”

The implacability of Mesley’s union is made vivid in the fact that its recently expired contract granted “retroactive raises” of four percent for both 2008 and 2009 — years during which private sector employment declined and raises were scarce, at best, for those in the productive class.

Special exemption from parking tickets — one of the myriad ways sheep are fleeced on behalf of the lupine law enforcement caste — is another of the perquisites and emoluments demanded by Mesley and his comrades.

Unalloyed porcine arrogance: Chris Mesley, president of the Albany Police Officer’s Union.

(Read more at link above)

Union President Colleen Kelley denies government pays more than private sector … Pshaw!

Federal employees earn higher average salaries than private-sector workers in more than eight out of 10 occupations, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data finds.

Accountants, nurses, chemists, surveyors, cooks, clerks and janitors are among the wide range of jobs that get paid more on average in the federal government than in the private sector.

Overall, federal workers earned an average salary of $67,691 in 2008 for occupations that exist both in government and the private sector, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The average pay for the same mix of jobs in the private sector was $60,046 in 2008, the most recent data available.

CHART: Federal salaries compared to private-sector

These salary figures do not include the value of health, pension and other benefits, which averaged $40,785 per federal employee in 2008 vs. $9,882 per private worker, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

But National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley says the comparison is faulty because it “compares apples and oranges.” Federal accountants, for example, perform work that has more complexity and requires more skill than accounting work in the private sector, she says.

Yakima County Superior Court Judge Robert Hackett

“Like some of the other examples, among countless, as stated elsewhere, upon stating to the court judge the principles of the law that the defendant would respectfully present to the jury, in a court of law, to defend the defendant from a fraudulent government action, Yakima County Superior Court Judge Robert Hackett, typical of all completely corrupted court judges in the US, after his several other resulting threats of “sanctions”, stated, “And this court, Mr. ___, will cut you off at the ankles, literally, if you even breathe a word of those principles.”

The RIGHT of freedom of speech, in the last and ultimate metaphorical fortress supposedly defending said RIGHT, at the zenith of the reason to hold such a right, that is, the respectful expression of the principles of law in a court of law, to present one’s defense against a fraudulent government action, no longer exists in America.”

Welcome to VeryBadForm

VeryBadForm has been created as a free speech site to provide a juried public commons where people can post the names, locations, and documentation of those public servants who are breaking their oath of office, violating their position of public trust, and ignoring the highest laws of this nation.

Whether they are politicians, petty bureaucrats, police or prosecutors, if they have harmed an individual under colour of law, if they have used their office or authority to harm, injure, deny justice, or otherwise violate the human rights of another person, they are guilty of VeryBadForm.

Criteria for entries: Name, Location, link to story of violation of human rights.

More soon.